Wireless Temperature

Food Safety 

Monitoring Solution (HACCP)

• Customizable temperature recording system (Check list)
• Record product/location/equipment/process temperatures
• Immediate pass/fail decision
• Document corrective actions for failed readings
• Insightful and Flexible Reporting
• Ergonomic and durable probe

• Complies with HACCP requirements
• Cloud based management (Reliable record keeping)
• iOS – Easy and intuitive interface (Minimal training)

•  Logs data to Cloud for easy access from anywhere

•  No batteries! Powered by audio jack of smartphone or tablet

•  IP67 waterproof housing.

•  Logs data to Cloud for easy access from anywhere.

•  IP67 waterproof housing

•  Load user created custom menus from the Cloud

•  Receive push notification reminders for retaking

    temperatures for a reheat or rechill corrective action

•  3 feet long cable for free operation



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