HigenX In Food Industry

Hand Hygiene is acknowledged as the most effective method of safeguarding against food borne illnesses (E coli O157 etc).


Our system changes behaviour and Independent Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) have stated that HigenX™ has led to a 300% increase in hygiene activity on a food industry customer site.


We have international experience of working with the industry leaders in Ireland, UK, EU and America. Our monitoring system continues to support food retail and food manufacturing companies maintain their excellent hygiene standards while delivering superior service to their customers.


The HigenX™ product can assist companies meet the requirements of the legislation and demonstrate compliance in terms of the requirements of Health and Safety.

Food safety initiatives are moving beyond HACCP to behavioural change.



Most importantly the badge system developed by Higenx incorporates a visual indicator that hands should be washed. This visual indication is a very powerful driver of worker behaviour.

Occupational psychologists affirm that it acts on several important social mechanisms: conscience, peer and social influence, and consequence. 

A red flashing badge creates a feeling of guilt, is visible both to colleagues and customers/patients and can have consequences in terms of disciplinary action. 

All these factors combine to create almost irresistible pressure on the individual to comply with hand wash requirements when indicated. Our data collection from real customer sites confirms this is the effect.

The visualization of safe/unsafe hands also has a powerful reassurance impact on customers and patients since they can see safe practices are in place

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