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March 2020

Covid 19

To help with the situation we have a kit that can be shipped worldwide to monitor hand hygiene activity and reduce infections in Hospitals or Care Homes.

February 2019

Catex Show

Come visit us at our stand at this years Catex from

26th to 28th February 2019

November 2017

New Products and Solutions

We have expanded our product offering to include Live monitoring of hand hygiene, temperature, Assets and People Location RTLS

Restaurant worker using HigenX

HigenX Hand Hygiene

Our products will revolutionise hygiene standards within the Healthcare, Food and Hospitality sectors by providing management with the tools and information to maximize hygiene compliance at a group and individual level.

HigenX Mission


"Our mission at HigenX is to become the world leader in hand hygiene monitoring and control products and associated systems and services. To reduce infection, prevent suffering, save lives, and reduce our customer`s costs while generating large sales for both ourselves and our partners."

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HigenX in Healthcare & Food Sectors

Hand Hygiene Monitoring .


Video shows HigenX Monitoring systems in action in both Healthcare & Food industry.

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Save Lives & Reduce Infection


Hand Hygiene is acknowledged as the most effecive method of safeguarding against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) (MRSA, C Diff, etc) and food bourne illnesses (E coli O157).


An improvement of 20% in hand hygiene can lead to a reduction of 40% in HAIs (W.H.O. published finding).


HAIs cost the European Health Care sector nearly €7 billion a year & kill 90,000 patients in US hospitals with 380,000 in US care homes.(US CDC ref).


In Ireland HAIs cost the HSE millions each year and we can save an estimated €500,000 for every hospital that uses our system.